AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) granted

As part of our BREXIT readiness programme, we have been granted AEO status by Irish Revenue.

AEO status is a certified standard authorisation issued by customs administrations in the European Union. It demonstrates that an economic operator has met certain standards in relation to:

·       safety and security

·       systems to manage commercial records

·       compliance with customs rules

·       financial solvency &

·       practical standards of competence or professional qualifications

This is primarily a trade facilitation measure that recognises reliable operators and encourages best practice in the international supply chain. Benefits can be outlined as follows:

·       recognition worldwide as safe, secure and compliant business partners in international trade

·       lower risk scores in risk analysis systems when profiling

·       priority treatment if physical controls are conducted

·       mutual recognition of AEO programmes under Joint Customs Co-operation Agreements which could result in faster movement of goods through third country borders

·       reduced data sets for entry and exit summary declarations

      (this only applies to AEO safety and security)

·       easier access to simplified procedures

·       reduction or waiver of comprehensive guarantees